Can Laughing Too Hard Be Dangerous For Your Health? – Health Digest

For most people, laughter is far more beneficial than it is harmful. Health hazards related to laughing are very rare, while the perks of laughing are universally recognized as ways to improve your health. As shared by, laughter has the ability to boost your mood, strengthen your immune system, reduce pain, relieve stress, and support emotional well-being. Finding humor in your everyday life can also help you build connections with others, stay focused, and let go of negative emotions you may feel toward other people.

In today’s world, stress is a major issue that affects the majority of the American population. According to the American Psychological Association, around 76% of Americans suffered from a stress-related health issue in 2022, including headaches, fatigue, anxiety, and depression. Others reported that they felt overwhelmed, had trouble sleeping, were constantly worried, and were turning to drugs or alcohol as a way to cope. With concerning statistics like these, it’s more important than ever to take advantage of natural ways to reduce stress, including regularly laughing with loved ones.

Health psychologist Dr. Grace Tworek told Cleveland Clinic, “Letting out a good laugh makes you feel more relaxed because it disarms your nervous system.” She adds, “If you think about a moment when you were finding humor in life, it can be like nothing else mattered but that genuine joy that you were feeling.”

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