Safe Ways To Remove Nose Hair And Methods To Avoid – Health Digest

To safely remove nose hair, try using small, rounded scissors or an electric razor with a nose hair trimmer tip specifically designed for nose hair trimming, advises Medical News Today. However, before starting, remember to blow your nose first and trim only the hairs visible outside the nostril. This way, you can avoid trimming too closely or cutting the skin inside the nostril, which can cause irritation or injury. If trimming isn’t your thing, you can opt for laser hair removal, another popular hair removal method that uses heat to destroy unwanted hair in the nose.

On the other hand, experts warn against plucking nose hairs or using waxing methods since they’re generally not recommended for hair removal in the nose. Plus, it’s best to avoid using sharp or pointed objects, like pointed scissors. Overall, try to be gentle and avoid cutting too close to the skin inside the nostril. 

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