What To Expect During Treatment For Breast Cancer, According To An Oncologist – Health Digest

“No two individuals are exactly alike, so one patient with breast cancer may experience different kinds, levels and durations of side effects than another patient, even if they receive the same treatment,” Dr. Kang explains.

She states that chemotherapy, in particular, can produce a variety of different side effects. “During and after chemotherapy for breast cancer, some common issues you may experience include physical changes like fatigue, hair loss, nausea, and numbness or pain in the hands and feet, and emotional changes that can include anxiety and depression,” says Dr. Kang.

However, she points out that patients should not have to endure the experience solely on their own. “It is important to remember that you are not alone: side effects are common in cancer treatment, and there are ways to lessen their impact and increase your well-being.” Again, Dr. Kang reiterates the importance of patients using their care team as a resource. “Talk with your physician or care team right away about any physical and emotional side effects you are experiencing and how they can be managed,” she states.

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