19 toxic and cruelty free beauty products – plus your questions answered

Question #10 What are some of the best cruelty free and toxic free brands?

Personally, I’m a big fan of the brand Acure. They’re an affordable clean brand, perfect for many people as they strike the perfect balance between price and clean ingredients.

For cleaners, I’m a fan of Dr. Bronner. They make organic soaps that can be used to clean yourself or your home, with all natural ingredients.

It’s all about natural, clean beauty, organic where possible and always cruelty free.

Healthista’s tried and tested toxic & cruelty free top picks…

#1 Evolve Skincare

The best of British – award-winning natural skincare handmade with love in small batches, to ensure fresh antioxidants in their natural oils, butters and extracts.

Vegan, cruelty free and eco-friendly. Their product range covers everything from skin, body to hair.

evolve beauty skincare

Their Bio-Retinol + C Booster, £28 supercharges your skin, using four incredible vitamins (A, C, F and E) blended into a gentle base of Rosehip Oil, that penetrates deeper than your typical water based products.

Vitamins C and A delivers anti-ageing benefits, increases collagen production and hydration whilst boosting radiance and skin luminosity. Vitamin E, rich in antioxidants and healing on the skin, vitamin F deeply nourishing.

Their tinted SPF, Climate Veil, £29 is available in four shades that combines high tech anti-ageing ingredients such as polyphenol-rich Lingonberry stem cells and hyaluronic acid, with reef safe, non-nano mineral-based zinc oxide to deliver a lightweight broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays.

Lastly, their Radiant Glow 2-in-1 Face Mask and Polish, £25 is a super rich mask blended with raw cacao powder and clay, revitalises and purifies, whilst coconut particles buff the skin to silky perfection.

Skin is left smooth, moisturised and calm, with a smell of Organic Vanilla oil.

Nourish London is an award-winning, clinically tested certified organic, vegan and cruelty free skincare range that is powered by plant-based ingredients.

Full of passion, potent quality, innovation and advanced science, their products leave you with radiant, beautiful skin, via natural organic fragrances and pure essential oils.

Founded and created by Dr Pauline Hili, is one of the UK’s top organic skin care experts and fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry.

Nourish London is a culmination of all her knowledge of the skin functions and expertise in developing high-tech natural and organic formulations that deliver visible results and nurture skin in the most natural way possible.

#3 Naya, Aura Hydration Essence, £72

naya aura essence

Award-Winning luxury skincare that is consciously crafted and highly effective, with ingredients that are scientifically proven to work.

Grounded in research, organic, vegan, cruelty free, and clinical proven full of nourishing bioactive that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids.

A multi-functional, intensively hydrating formula designed to restore, rebalance and re-harmonise the skin’s microbiome and strengthening the skin barrier.

The potent formula penetrates deep into the epidermis. Powerful antioxidants including Butterfly Flower Extract and Superoxide Dismutase work to bolster the skin barrier whilst providing protection from external aggressors.

#4 Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum, £185

Vinters daughter SERUM

If you feel like spoiling yourself this is the most luxuriously, premium serum money can buy. An oil like consistency, formulated with 22 of the world’s most nutrient-rich botanicals for nourishing and restorative moisture.

With a proprietary Phyto Radiance Infusion™ process of botanical and essential oils amplifying performance and treats virtually any and all skin concerns.

Delivering 60+ restorative nutrients including restorative phytoceramides and phytonutrients, balancing minerals, brightening vitamins, free-radical fighting antioxidants, moisturising fatty acids and nourishing omegas 3, 6, 7 and 9 to revitalise, soothe, and provide a healthy radiance.

#5 Croma Puffy Eyes Serum, £109

croma skincare

Croma Pharma is an Austrian family-owned company that specialises in the industrial production of hyaluronic acid syringes for the fields of medical aesthetics, ophthalmology and orthopaedics.

Croma Puffy Eyes Serum fights to reduce puffiness under the eyes, reduce the appearance of dark circles and erase fine lines (crow’s feet).

The effective formulation contains Hyaluronic Acid, D-Panthenol and a complex of Ash Tree Bark Extract, organic Silicon and Vitamin B3 to rejuvenate the skin and give it a radiant appearance whilst also giving a cooling effect to the area.

#6 Epionce Skincare 

Epionce was created by Dr Carl Thornfeldt integrating over 20 years of clinical research. Epionce has been designed to provide a blend of key botanical ingredients whilst being paraben, fragrance and gluten free.

Epionce uses science to address skin care needs and leave you with rejuvenated skin.

This clinically proven Intensive Nourishing Cream, £95 contains maximal levels of key complexes that work to penetrate through the skins barrier to intensively hydrate, repair and strengthen, and dramatically erase fine lines and wrinkles.

Containing powerful botanicals such as watermelon, astragalus and cacao combined with algae extracts, the Epionce Luminous Eye Serum, £62 decreases puffiness, smooths fine lines and wrinkles, treats droopiness and works to boost the skins hydration levels. The formulation is gentle enough to ensure the delicate eye area is not irritated.

#7 Freshly Cosmetics

freshly cosmetics serum cruelty free

High quality, natural products that are effective and innovative, covering everything from your skin to your hair.

They also have the highest eco-innovation standards, with 100 per cent vegan and cruelty free products that contain more than 99 per cent natural ingredients free of synthetic components.

In fact, 95 per cent of the packaging is made of 100 per cent recyclable glass, aluminium, kraft and wood.

We recommend their Red Velvet Facial Oil, £35 and Vitamin C Serum, £35

#8 INUR Skincare 

Formulated in Korea by French skincare experts and nutritionists, INUR focuses on ‘after-hours’ skincare which works as you sleep. It is a skincare brand where nutrition meets beauty.

Using only natural and clean skin nourishing ingredients, such as aloe vera, matcha (from Jeju Island – an UNESCO world heritage site to ensure premium quality), and pre and probiotics, which are all rigorously tested and clinically proven to actively work with the skin’s own natural system.

The Renew Sleeping Mask, £32 works overnight to erase to restore, revive and refresh the skin, and contains Aloe Vera, Matcha, Pre and Probiotics, with AHA to give a radiance-boosting bouncy glow.

Their Replenish Night Shot, £28 is a skin quenching, moisture-boosting night serum. Gives hydration and a plumper-looking skin with Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic Acid. One application of Replenish Night Shot is activated by 30 per cent of concentrated Aloe Vera.


#9 Oodee Skincare

Looking for something different, innovative, gender neutral and environmentally sound. Oodee is the new kid on the block of Allergen Neutral Skincare.

If you suffer from allergies and skin triggers, irritations and flare-ups, this is the range for you. Pioneering a new category, science driven formulations are the industries first ever empowering people to take back control and male better choices for their skin.

Full of potent, quality plant-based ingredients, rich in multivitamins, vital nutrients, superfoods and potent actives that are scientifically proven to optimise your skins health and appearance, with just a three step low maintenance skin care routine.

oodee skincare toxic free

Oodee Aurora Perfecting Serum, £65 is an ultra-light serum, rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, helps in boosting skin’s natural ceramides. Skin is left smooth, firm and dewy.

The NOVA Illuminating Moisturiser, £55 powered by plants and ancient grains, this is your daily energy boost for the skin. Targeting fine lines, evens out skin tone for a luminous, silky and clarified complexion.

And skincare for the men? #10 Jason Skincare


Jason is the UK’s number one natural family skincare brand that is 100 per cent Vegan and Cruelty Free.

Jason’s new range for men is dual action and packed with wonderful, skin loving ingredients. We personally love using it unisex style as the products are multi-purpose, yet highly effective.

All dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, without the use of SLS/SLES, leaving your skin cleansed, soft, smooth and fresh. These plant-based formulas are full of ocean minerals, powerful essential oils and botanicals.

JASON says no to: parabens, sulphates, phthalates or petrolatum. High-performance products, wholesome ingredients inspired by nature.

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