How To Tell If Your Period Pain Is Something More Serious, According To An Gynecologist – Health Digest

Dr. Gonzalez goes on to explain that patient treatment plans can look different from one to the next depending on certain factors. “Treatment options will vary depending on etiology of painful menses,” she says. “However, regardless of etiology of pain, there is a wide variety of treatment options, ranging from very conservative to invasive approaches.”

For some people, certain therapies or lifestyle changes may be helpful. “Physical therapy, massage therapy, exercise, dietary changes, acupuncture, biofeedback, are all conservative approaches that have shown significant benefit in managing dysmenorrhea and premenstrual syndromes even when pathology such as endometriosis is present,” she states.

Additionally, as previously mentioned, Dr. Gonzalez reminds us that medication options are also available. However, in some cases, surgery may be the best treatment option for a patient. “And finally, for many causes of dysmenorrhea, surgical intervention may be warranted and in some cases can achieve definitive surgical cure,” Dr. Gonzalez states.

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