Expert Tips On What To Do The Night Before A Colonoscopy – Health Digest

“There are several steps to take the night before, which typically include drinking a prescribed laxative solution in two doses — one in the evening and one several hours before the procedure,” Dr. Uradomo explains. “This will help clear the bowel, along with following a clear liquid diet, such as water, black coffee, tea, [and] ginger ale,” he says.

Dr. Uradomo’s second tip is for patients to allow themselves plenty of open time to prepare for the procedure. “Since the prep period takes time and will result in frequent trips to the bathroom, one of the most important aspects of preparing is clearing your schedule,” he says. “If possible, I recommend to patients to take the day off work and arrange help with any family obligations or childcare.” Dr. Uradomo explains that this can help relieve patient stress and anxiety.

“Keep in mind that not every bowel prep medication is the same, and they may vary from person to person,” he notes. “Your physician can recommend a personalized preparation plan to fit your specific situation and to help make this more comfortable for you.”

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