TikTok Health Products A Doctor Doesn’t Recommend – Health Digest

The second product Dr. Whittington says he doesn’t generally recommend for patients is waist trainers. “Waist trainers are tight-fitting garments that compress the abdomen to create an hourglass figure,” he states. As a result, Dr. Whittington explains that these products have the potential to negatively impact one’s health. “They can cause breathing difficulties, acid reflux, and even organ damage if worn too tightly or for extended periods,” he says. “They do not lead to long-term weight loss or fitness benefits and can be dangerous if used improperly.”

The third and final TikTok health product that Dr. Whittington advises against is any double chin reducing device. “While exercising and strengthening the muscles in the neck and jaw can help improve overall muscle tone and may contribute to a more defined jawline, it is unlikely to have a significant impact on reducing a double chin,” he explains. “A double chin is usually caused by excess fat under the chin, which can be difficult to reduce through exercise alone.” Rather, for those looking to minimize the appearance of a double chin, Dr. Whittington says alternate treatments are more advisable. “Non-surgical treatments like Kybella or CoolSculpting may be more effective at reducing the appearance of a double chin,” he states.

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