Is TikTok’s Favorite ‘3-2-8’ Workout Method Effective? – Health Digest

According to Everyday Health, the 3-2-8 method is good for emphasizing muscle building while also working on flexibility, balance, and recovery. Your body is less likely to reach a workout plateau if you challenge yourself to move in different ways. Because barre and Pilates are low-impact, you can give your body — particularly your joints — a rest on these days. Pilates and barre can help reduce exercise-induced inflammation that can zap your energy.

Because the method doesn’t specify the length or intensity of your workouts, weight loss will vary according to each person. It also doesn’t consider what your diet looks like, which is a heavy factor in any weight loss program. People who are new to weight training might need to consult a personal trainer who can coach them on how to do compound exercises with the right amount of weight for proper gains. You also might need to consult your doctor if you’re just starting to exercise.

Although the program suggests averaging 8,000 steps a day, this might not provide the cardio benefit to improve health unless the steps are part of a brisk walk or jog. Moderate cardio exercise involves the heart pumping just enough so you’re slightly out of breath. However, some high-intensity interval training and barre classes could also get your heart rate up, so you could incorporate some of those exercises to give you cardiovascular benefits.

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