9 Reasons You Should Add A Trampoline To Your Fitness Routine – Health Digest

As with any exercise, a warmup is important to get blood flowing to your muscles, notes Healthline. For the trampoline, a few minutes of light jumping should do the trick. There is actually a special technique involved in trampoline jumping to help you stay grounded: Stomp down on the trampoline with sufficient force to propel you to a height of about one to two inches off the mat. 

First, jog in place by lifting your knees a couple inches, while staying straight up or leaning back a bit. Your arms should swing back and forth at your side. Eventually, you may progress to higher knee lifts; you can advance further by moving around more, side to side, with arms pumping higher, as you continue to jog away. This advanced jogging involving greater movement and engages a wider variety of muscle groups. 

Jumping jacks are a bit more challenging. Stomp down as you lean slightly forward and jump your feet apart and then back to the starting position. Raising your arms to shoulder height is sufficient. The pelvic floor bounce involves placing an exercise ball between your knees and then slowly jumping up and down. Squeeze the ball to work your inner thigh muscles and build up to 2 to 5 minutes total. 

As you build up strength and endurance, you may wish to incorporate intervals consisting of alternating 20 seconds of vigorous jumping with 10 seconds of rest. Holding light hand weights (2-3 pounds) while jumping is another option. 

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