Thinking Of Getting A Birth Control Implant? Here’s What To Expect – Health Digest

Although many people have little to no side effects from using the birth control implant, it is possible to have some, as with any form of hormonal birth control. The most common side effect women face is spotting, sometimes for months after the birth control implant has been inserted. This typically happens because your body can take time to figure out its new hormone levels, and these hormones affect how your natural period works. If you don’t experience spotting, you might instead have heavier or lighter periods than you used to have on a different birth control method or when using no hormonal birth control.

Some people have other side effects, too, like ovarian cysts, weight gain, and headaches. Occasionally, issues can stem from the insertion of the implant, like pain around the insertion site or an infection in the area. Always keep your doctor aware of any side effects you think might be related to your birth control implant, and make an appointment, if needed, to address your concerns.

The birth control implant could be unsafe for people with certain conditions, so be sure to talk to your doctor beforehand if you have high blood pressure, diabetes, a risk of blood clots, gallbladder disease, or high cholesterol (via Mayo Clinic).

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