Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Arch Your Back For An Extended Period Of Time – Health Digest

While not particularly harmful in the short-term, purposefully arching your back for an extended time can lead to muscle loss in the back and legs down the line, according to Healthline. Not to mention, ongoing pain. Otherwise known as hyperlordosis, poor posture may also cause your spine to maintain an overarched position as time goes on, which can increase your likelihood of a slipped disk, stress fractures, or other spinal injuries. Additionally, because overarching your back strains your trunk, hamstring, and thigh muscles, you may end up with lower back pain or negative effects on your balance or stride. Those who are pregnant, engage in a sedentary lifestyle, or wear high heels on a long-term basis may be more susceptible to hyperlordosis. Additional risk factors include having weak core muscles, as well as certain health conditions, such as osteoporosis or cerebral palsy. 

For these reasons, it’s important to maintain a neutral spine position as best we can. However, this is easier said than done in certain instances, particularly during certain forms of exercise like weightlifting. To help you, try this trick. Associate clinical professor at UCSF Kenneth Leung writes via Built Lean to have someone strap a piece of tape across your lower back while standing. As you exercise, the tape will either tighten or cave in on your skin if you’re overarching your back in either direction. While some movement will be natural, try and keep the tape steadily in place.

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