Could You Actually Have More Than Five Senses? – Health Digest

No one can say for sure exactly how many human senses we have. Therefore, perhaps the best answer to this question is upwards of five. After all, some experts argue that humans have anywhere from seven to twelve senses, including those that detect pain or balance, according to Johns Hopkins University Press.

The question becomes even more convoluted when you consider that certain senses may share some potential overlap with one another. In a 1964 article published by The New York Times, the outlet cited two case studies in which two different women were able to identify color through their sense of touch. The author of the archived article noted how this challenged the scientific notion of what’s referred to as specific disposition. The concept suggests that each of our senses are designed to respond to a specific type of stimuli. For example, our sense of hearing is said to be triggered by auditory sound, not the aroma of a burning candle, which is specific to our sense of smell. However, being able to detect color with one’s fingertips suggests that certain types of stimuli may not be exclusive to only one human sense.

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