Why You May Be Experiencing More Indigestion Issues In The Summer – Health Digest

If you find yourself dealing with indigestion more so during the summer months, it could very well be the weather itself. Medical Director at Atmantan Wellness Centre Dr. Manoj Kutteri told HealthShots that as temperatures climb, our blood flow gets rerouted to other areas of the body to help keep us cool. As a result, our digestion slows, making us more susceptible to indigestion. Along with hot temperatures also comes an increased risk for dehydration, which makes it more challenging for our body to digest what we eat. This may be further exacerbated if you’re eating popular summertime foods (like burgers or french fries or drinking alcoholic beverages). These items require more time for the body to fully break down, thereby triggering indigestion symptoms.

Alternatively, although school may be out for the kids, this doesn’t mean that our summer schedules are any less packed. Between get-togethers, weddings, vacations, and more, all these activities can place additional stress on the body and subsequently impact our gut health.

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