When You Stop Eating Chocolate, This Is What Happens To Your Body – Health Digest

Per a 2020 study published in Nutrients, being a cocoa product, chocolate may be beneficial for brain health by inducing a positive effect on cognitive function (a.k.a the improvement of mental abilities like reasoning, thinking, learning, problem solving, decision making, memory, and attention). While research on the matter is still limited, antioxidant compounds in chocolate have been identified as potential contributors to cognitive function.

For instance, the study found that, due to its flavonol content, acute or short-term chocolate intake seems to improve blood flow to the brain. Thus, with more blood reaching the brain (which increases the delivery of oxygen and nutrients), healthy young adults showed an enhanced cognitive performance. Moreover, flavonols’ effect on your brain’s blood flow may also have a beneficial impact in the long run, seeing that a chronic chocolate intake was also associated with better cognitive performance, namely cognitive function and memory. 

Therefore, since research seems to suggest that there is a positive link between chocolate intake and cognitive function, you may have trouble performing certain mental abilities, such as concentrating or remembering things, once you stop consuming it.

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