Your Life Expectancy Is Three Years Lower If You Live In These 12 States – Health Digest

The report said that people who smoked in Tobacco Nation even have poorer health outcomes and behaviors compared to smokers in other states. For example, 26% of smokers in the 12 states are also heavy drinkers, whereas 17% of smokers in other states drink heavily. Tobacco Nation smokers are also less physically active and report more days of poor physical health. They also have a higher incidence of poor mental health, type 2 diabetes, and chronic pulmonary disease.

Although the United States spends the most on healthcare compared to the rest of the world, it still leads the world in the number of preventable deaths per capita, according to a 2023 report from the Commonwealth Fund. These are deaths that can be avoided through regular screenings, a healthy diet, and exercise. Smoking is also a cause of preventable death, accounting for one out of every five deaths, according to the CDC.

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